Mark NaclerioJanuary to June 2001

6/18/2001: Juno (JWEB) will be bought by NetZero sometime before the end of this year. Together, they will become United Online which promises to be the second largest ISP in the U.S. I'm glad I got in when JWEB was at 75 cents per share.

6/14/2001: Birthdays always mean good fun and good eating but be careful where you order fish because the special of the day is usually what they've got to get rid of before it goes bad. In other news, Tropical Storm Allison has dumped record amounts of rain on the south east up to VA., having given Houston Texas a nice bath of up to 3 feet of rain. The system is continuing northward aiming to put a damper on the weekend for the norteast. Advice: don't cross the railroad tracks between platforms or workers will admonish you. A new session by Mr. Zehn is in the works: BIG FAT JERK promises to be a fun blend of acoustic and electric sounds.

6/11/2001: A lesson about mortality: Don't ride a motorcycle without proper protection or you might regret being stupid.

6/1/2001: First day of hurricane season and I am hoping that we see one hit the northeast this year. Although we finally got rain last week for several days and the weather has been beautiful upper sixties since, the area needs another big storm for some excitement. While I have been recording some audio during what little time I have at home, I haven't posted any new songs since The Big Mistake. I finally saw Requiem for a Dream which I wanted to see when it was in theaters. It's a great story about addictions with beautiful cinematography. Not a movie to watch with your parents though, unless they don't mind a little drugs and sex. Go was alot of fun, weaving a story together from different points of view and with a good cast of characters. Shrek had some of the best animation I've seen yet. I can only wait for Final Fantasy.

5/24/01: I tried to be creative on the train. There was a poster ad for the April 2001 Autoshow that I took down and drew on the back of. I drew a nice cartoon and some stupid advice. Before the train stopped I put the poster back, showing what I had done. One of the passengers was so offended that he suggested that I be "locked up" for what I had done. At first I thought he was joking but he continued profanely, saying that he would have me arrested to see if I had any warrants and take my ID away just to "bust my balls", as he so eloquently stated. The conductor came over and thought I was a fool but when I apologized to him the next day he replied, "I didn't say anything, did I? Don't worry about it," and he went on his way. It's too bad people don't understand the freedom of artistic expression.

5/20/01: The motorcycle is in full operation again even if I hardly have anywhere to ride it. Some hiker in the woods behind my sister's house explained to me why I couldn't ride back there anymore. I thanked him and continued on my way. Tip of the week: recycle used motor oil to paint a fence. Movie of the week: American Psycho was really interesting. If I owned a DVD player, I would actually spend $30 bucks to buy the DVD version of this movie. It has some shocking scenes and a superstar performance by Christian Bale. Some of you might remember him from Velvet Goldmine which also stars Ewan McGregor. In American Psycho, Bale plays a yuppie type serial killer. The movie is an anatomy of self-indulgence and self-gratification for lack of anything else inspired. And while I'm not particularly attracted to men, Bale looks marvelous in my opinion. In other news, the northeast is still dry. We need rain!!

5/13/01: Johnny Rox got married yesterday. Table 18 behaved appropriately, chanting names, bothering other guests, and making obnoxious comments. The band was great. I ate too much. Homer rocks!!

5/9/2001: Travel! It's much too nice outside to be consumed by central air conditioning all day. Breathing in everybody's stench.

5/6/2001: After a sweltering week I finished the GRE, painted outdoors, watched John get humiliated, and made money on JWEB stock.

4/25/2001: I made friends, sort of, with the teenagers who were ready to beat me up the other day and I learned a new handshake. Posted the Ken and Santa pics. Getting the site ready for The Big Mistake and the SafeAndSecureCD.

4/22/2001: Th jig is up! The secret has been revealed. My mind is not where is should be. Someday I'll get it all together.

4/12/2001: Well, I finally started designing the new and improved site. And I'm making quite an impression at work as I'm sure that most people don't know how to deal with me. Not sure what I'll do about working in WP yet. Gotta move out soon. I got harrassed by 5 teenagers who were ready to kick my ass but thwarted danger with my uncomprimising righteousness. They'll probably egg my car at some point which I might deserve. Otherwise, life is good if not a little tiresome.

3/4/2001: Dad's Birthday. With the snow storm eminent, I've successfully installed the tablet and began getting the site onto search engines.

2/27/2001: The scanner works great and the Demon's Lair drawings are posted, most of which I drew on my first trip accross country. CuteFTP is a damn good program until the trial period runs out. Now, if I only had a faster modem...
2/22/2001: With the installation of a new SCSI controller I hooked up the scanner and, amazingly enough, it works. I'll soon have this site full of graphics and pictures. Schmengy's Revenge is now in the first stages of revision. The stock maket is still tanking. I'm already losing money and I just got in.
2/19/2001: Stayed up ridiculously late again working on Schmengy's Revenge. I also finished the audio recordings for Quartet One and Short.   I'll be dragging ass tomorrow.
2/17/2001: Six bucks at the poker table is not bad. The website is finally turning into something worth looking at. JUNO decided to limit the free web -> GOOD STOCK INVESTMENT <- . They are sure to make money off all the poor suckers like me that have gotten used to their web interface. I got the scanner today. Hopefully it will work with my computer. If it does, this site is going to look alot better. Daze of Love song music is almost finished.

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