Mark NaclerioOctober 2001

10/15/2001: With the possiblity of full time employment in the forseeable future, it looks like my playful days may be coming to an end again. Not that I mind. The leaves are coming off the trees and soon it will be too cold to ride. And I need money, of course. The Big Mistake CD is in its final stages of packaging. The artwork for the insert and CD label are finished.

10/02/2001: New pictures and MP3's on the website.

10/02/2001: The leaves are just beginning to show autumn colors and the nights are getting cold enough to shut all the windows. I am currently seeking employment again. Taking on New York City was an exercise in futility. I let without fanfare or dismissal, eager to return to where the air smells better and the fear of giant buildings being destroyed is not a factor. Free again to pursue other interests and waste time on the motorcycle. I completed, as best I could, six new recordings ready for pressing, and am in the process of creating artwork for packaging.

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