Mark NaclerioSeptember 2001

9/18/2001: I don't think I have to tell anybody about last week but here it is anyway. Terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers and part of the Pentagon one week ago today. I have not been anywhere near the wreckage and don't plan on it until everything is clear. As it is, I don't even want to be here in Manhattan at all. Last Tuesday, I got on the train at 9:40AM, clueless, but didn't even sit down before I heard talk that the train would probably not be allowed into the tunnels. Hearing that, I walked off the train, went to a nearby deli and saw what seemed to be unbelievable on the television. I raced home in time to see the second building collapse. Today is my first day back in Manhattan. Happily, tomorrow is my last day working here and I've firmed my resolve to move as far away as possible from any metro area. This place is not safe and, in light of last Tuesday, should a larger disaster happen, there might not be any way to get out fast enough. I don't like the idea of living in fear but fear is a natural emotion, necessary for self-preservation and I am not going to ignore the obvious: The onset of a holy war means that no rules apply because the enemy does not fear anything. Self-preservation is not a concern. Be assured, last Tuesday was only the beginning of something that is sure to change the world in ways that we cannot imagine. Some people point to religious prophecy that the end is near. My only hope is that good will prevail.

9/10/2001: This past weekend was a nice time to get outside and drive throughout the Delaware Water Gap area preserve. There is still much land out there that hasn't been completely overrun by the infectious human race. Also a good weekend to take the dogs out with the motorcycle. I cleared new paths, defying last year's tornado and banged up the bike quite a bit. But all in all, only one leg cut and a few pricker scrapes.

Yes! Live at Radio City Music Hall!

Another expensive weekend event and a last minute bolt to the 11:02 train to cap a fine Saturday of youth capturing memories. The band played with predictable style and pose to an aging audience of fans and well-wishers, enjoying the music of almost a quarter century's time. The songs remain intact, although somewhat tired at times as show after show has sapped some of the energy. But I got to sing full out along to the Roundabout encore and couldn't have been happier. I only wish that there was new music that compares to the complex arrangment of a quarter century ago.

9/5/2001: I got another opportunity to share my thoughts and perform with artists last night at the Smooth Spot, getting my turn at piano, drums, and guitar. I was also immortalized on film again in an intersting way. The film is being made for GOD and I was given a chance to elaborate on my unorthodox views concerning the role of humans on earth and the impact which they create. A quick run to Metro North across midtown Manhattan and I was home just after midnight. My stocks are still in the pit but I feel alright because good music makes it all seem just fine.

Once again I have been reminded of the importance of certain people in life. Everyday we have the chance to meet new people: some become memory, others become a bridge to the life force which connects us all. It is good to be a bridge builder.

9/4/2001: Labor Day weekend in the northeast was nothing less than beautiful. My only hope is that people will start putting money back in the market so I might regain my losses. By the way, my stock picks turned out to be way off from what I was saying a few months ago. The days are getting cooler and shorter. Summer is over, I guess.

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