The Pale Idiocy of the Everyday WorkerOne of the cruel things about daily work is that we are never allowed enough time to truly enjoy just being somewhere or trying new things or just simply being able to make a fools of ourselves. Why are we all entrusted to do the things we are supposed to do when, in reality, we would rather not be doing anything at all but having sex and eating good food with enough time to sleep left over at the end of the day.

Some day I want to reflect upon all the time wasted in front of the glowing tube and laugh. And I'll think about all the things I tried to learn, and all the simple mistakes I made. Hopefully, I'll be in a position to cry if necessary.

However hard I try to figure out a better way of doing things, I am still poor. Not like a homeless person or the unfortunate slob living in some Indonesian mud shack, but poor nevertheless as I pass by million dollar homes daily and wonder, "where do they get all that money?"

By the time I figure out how to build a house, grow and eat all the right foods, capture the imaginations of 1 billion people, reinvent religion, heal old wounds, gratify my family, and, hopefully, procreate, I will probably be about 300 years old. But by that time I might not even care. Oh well. Better to achieve something pointless than to achieve nothing at all.

Youth. The only time in life when we can truly be as we are without the fear of judgement. As we become adults we are taught not to run unless it's for excercise. Games are no longer for fun but for competition. Singing out loud is for the likes of an insane asylum. Eventually, it becomes diffucult to even look at another person on the street without thinking about motives. Having said that I am going to run outside now, sing at the top of my lungs, and stare at people straight in the face.

God is the last refuge for the hopeless who feel that no matter what they do or what happens, so long as they have faith in their one true god, all will be well with beauty ad infinitum. So no matter how hard this life becomes to survive, with nothing but a final resting place to look forward to, rest assured, you will be saved from this life of toil and remorse. Say your prayers to your one true almighty that he might hear and grant good fortune upon you because the choices in life that you have will be at her command. Obey its will or you will be struck down as the strong wind destroys the tree with the strongest roots.

Or, let science and rational thinking be your guide. Know that with every action comes a reaction, and so goodness should be returned upon itself. Understand all there is to know about biology, ecosystems, and fundamental nutrition so that the lifeforce which you command may become stronger than death and decay.

South is an orientation and not a physical reference point in the universe.

Heaven is a place that we should strive to create here on earth, rather than a fantasy of some netherworld created by fanatics who wish for nothing except to escape life.