nextWhat do you want for XmasSANTA: Well, Um, what do you want for christmas then?

KEN: I'd like some cigarettes. Thanks for asking. I've been really good this year and thought I might take up smoking to pass the time.

SANTA: Oh. I don't think that would be a good thing to do.

KEN: What then? I need something to do while I'm good all the time.

SANTA: Maybe you might be better off with some golf clubs. Lots of people take up golf this time of year.

KEN: What could you possibly know about golf? There is no way for you to swing through the beard and you need friends to play. So, unless it's with elves up north, I doubt you've spent much time on the course. AND ... why should I have to PAY to walk for six hours in the sweltering heat, searching for my ball, hitting it after I find it, competing with friends, walking away sore

SANTA: ,listen, Guy, I'm not getting paid much for this gig so-

KEN: I aksed for cigarettes, dammit! And I'm not leaving here with out them.

SANTA: Look, Buddy, assemble model airplanes, get a pet, take up fishing, build a friggin' house, just let me do my job here with some decency, for gossakes.

KEN: Yeah ... YEAH ... FISHING ... That works. I can catch fish over and over again and throw them back every time! That way I'll be able to waste time without hurting anyone, except the fish, of course.

SANTA: Please don't make me get security.