What can be said about "God's green earth"?

Life is everywhere whether it be a furry little creature living in the ground or the moss fur that covers just about everything in the northwest coastal range. Life might exist for thousands of years, or, often, much shorter than that. But where do humans exist in that timeline? Why are most people so quick to assume that just because a part of life we witness seems short, like that of a prairie dog, that our life is also short. Whereas the life of a tree, undisturbed, may continue for thousands of years. So might be the human body if it is allowed to exist in such a way that it is not disturbed by the more harmful forces of nature and if it continually regenerates throughout seasonal changes. Although there may be something about human physiology that determines the life cycles, I do not believe it to be without exceptions. Life is only as long as the body is allowed to live. We can determine how well the body is allowed to live by eating right and doing whatever it takes to fight gravity and disease. The food of the earth is plentiful so don't forget to eat your greens!