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As with any trip, don't forget to stay in touch with the people who care about you.

Corn Palace

No trip accross South Dakota would be complete without visiting the Corn Palace in Mitchell. The entire exterior is made out of corn and is redesigned and reconstructed every year to demonstrate the artistic notions of its caretakers.

Corn Palace

Mount RushmoreMount Rushmore

It's a pretty amazing acheivement, artistically speaking, having taken over 13 years to complete.

Camp VistaCampsite View

Camp for free in any of Utah's national forests, if you are not afraid of the survivalists who come out of the mountains at night on ATV's.


One of the many throughout the canyons of the Colorado Rockies. There are many places to pull off the road and athough the water looks cool and refreshing, especially in the summer heat, most people would advice that it not be consumed.

To the Glacier

On the way to a glacier in Colorado we encountered an ice storm. The weather changes very abruptly out west and requires warm clothing. Leather works well.

To the Glacier

CampsiteCampsite in Utah

It looks clear and warm during the day at a good spot off the access road out of site. But at night the temperature drops 30 degrees and the wind picks up. Thick blankets are a necessity! It's a bit unnerving at first when animals come across the site and become curious about the contents of the tent but a quick shift in movment against noisy tent fabric is enough to startle most animals enough and keep them away for a while. Getting up at night for relief is chilling.


The first several miles into Arches National Park is typified by this sort of scene. The actual arches are deep within the park. It requires a couple of days to see most of the arches as most must be hiked to.


These arches look alot bigger close up. The largest one is probably around eighty feet high.


Jaymes has no fear of heights and enjoys finding places that are scary high up.


Many more like this in Arches. Some are very large.

Desert Blue

It doesn't rain much in the desert and the sky can be blue for most of the day.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

The national park outside of Denver has an ampitheater and plenty of viewpoints that visitors are not supposed to hike to.


Camp in WashingtonCampsite in Washington

This site is really close to Mount Saint Helens. Don't gather firewood or you will incur a hefty fine.