Wandering West Towards the Land of Big Trees

Chessman's LookoutWandering across the country without a cause or clue. Most of the time is spent counting miles of desolate highway and watching day pass into night while confined in a 4 by 4 foot mobile compartment. But there are a few good spots to stop here and there to play chess with a mate or fancy a long and lasting view or thought.

Cow In The RoadOn a back country route, cows are being herded from the highlands into lower country for the emininent cold season. They cross asphault because they don't have anyway else to go, except by humans to a suitable ranch or government parcel to continue feeding on what grows out of the ground until they are likely slaughtered and eaten by humans.

CowsFor it is an eternal burden that, in order for the mass populus to survive, we must as a whole accept that it is right to kill other living creatures to support our daily nutritional intake.


So pass the salt and leave it bloody, cause as long as I didn't have to physically kill it myself, or witness either, I might as well feast on the tasty flesh.

EAT HERE, GET GAS!!! And be prepared to eat McDonald's, Burger King, Denny's, Interstate DINER, Ditty's! or whatever other kind of low quality fast food garbage you can find, belching the aftertaste for hours.

HummusAn alternative is bread, hummus, sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes, peaunut butter and what everelse comes from the ground and can be purchased off the produce rack.

Either way I'll be belching it up later.

Mark Naclerio